Ebay Pickup – Hanley Ramirez

2010/04/02 1 comment

Today is easter week-end and I have a friday off, something that basically never happens with my job.

This reminded me how much I liked picking up cards in the morning, there are great deals out there with these early auctions.

Today was another Baseball auto for the upcoming season. Nothing too fancy but Ramirez is a legit player and I don’t think that these autos will decrease in value.

For less than 10$, I consider this a steal.

Play Ball Countdown — 2 days. Can’t wait!

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Baseball Season — Who to Collect

This year’s babseball season is really close as we speak and I will definitively take a look at Sunday’s opening game. I’m a long time baseball fan and I was all about the Expos in the 90’s and early 2000’s but after the move to Washington, I drifted out a little bit. Videogames kept me interested a bit but then EA dropped the MLB license after MVP 2005 and that’s when I totally invested myself in the NFL and NBA. With the NHL being the center of the universe here in Montreal, there was no room left for the MLB in my spare time and hobby money.

But this is over…

The hype this year is really interesting, the prospects are intriguing and I really want to buy some more Baseball for my own collection. But then again, who to collect?

Baseball as a huge history of Vintage cards and unlike Basketball or Football, they tend to keep their value as time goes by. But Vintage on the secondary market is a pain in the neck and it’s a gamble I’m not familiar with at the moment.

This leaves me with the recent years products and the lack of UD as of now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the biggest fan of UD’s way of doing business but for the collector, if we only consider the cards and products, they are hands down the best. Panini is trying to reach some new heights but they have some adjustements to do and since I hate stickers auto, I really do miss UD.

So, my question is, what to buy?

I’m trying to search the Bay for some cheap autos of ‘prospects’ and ‘projects’ but I like bustin wax and I’m lost in the abundance here.

And also, I don’t really know who to collect since the Expos are not around anymore.

So my project this summer, other than my baby girl who’ll come in June, will be to figure out the whole baseball hobby and find my niche.

If I did it with basketball some years ago, I certainly can for Baseball now.

Bare with me, I will become a baseball collectors, starting with Carl’s Crawford box breaks.


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More Baseball Autos

I’m actually suprised by this but I am really into the upcoming baseball season.

Since the Expos left Montreal for Washington, I’ve been avoiding the MLB as much as I could since it hurted too much. Losing a franchise is almost like losing a child for abroad. It’s been fun but you know he might never come back, and that is saddening.

But this year, with the Strasburg madness and all the young guns coming out, I’m actually excited.

I picked this beauty on Ebay for 4$ (shipping included) and I love it. Yes it’s a sticker auto but this was really cheap and, I love auto.

Baseball is almost there, right after the March Madness. Let’s get dusty people.

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GU Out – That spoils the fun

Well, opening day of the March Madness was a sad one for me.

I watched the serious no-show that Georgetown pulled last night and the way they got ousted in convincing fashion by Ohio (who?)

At the ten minutes mark of the second half I just let go and switched to the Marquette game. Boy I was in a bad mood and I had to deal with a group of Bruins fans next to me at the pub and for those of you who are not aware, Bruins fans are not well received in Montreal.

So that was NOT a fun evening.

On the plus side, GU gets to keep the core intact next year if Monroe decides to stay for another year. Anyway, he hurted is draft stock so bad with this stinker of a game that he might as well stay and try to win a Big East tourney with the Hoyas.

I think I’m gonna buy me some Roy Hibbert cards to ease the pain away.

Hope you hade more fun than I did and from here on now … Screw you Ohio and go Tennessee!

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March Madness – Go Hoyas

Are you ready ?

It’s crazyness all around the place here and we (and by we I mean me, my best friend and my blackberry) are ready for the Madness.

My Hoyas are seeded at number 3 but do have the toughest bracket of em all, which is not good. Maybe Monroe will them a long way but I don’t see we can overcome Ohio State and that crazy dude Evan Turner.

So what to watch during this week?

Upset of course a nd it’s time to speculate for the hooby. Who’s going to be next year’s rookie sensation.

John Wall or Evan Turner? Maybe a sleeper like Cole Aldrich.

My ultimate watch? Montreal’s own Kris Joseph from Syracuse. Other than Greg Monroe, he will be my main collecting focus next year since it’s so rare that we have a possible lottery pick out of Montreal. And by rare I mean, never happened unless you think Samuel Dalembert is somehow a lottery worthy sensation.

So that’s that. Go Hoyas and, whispering low, Go Orange and Joseph.

Have a merry March Madness y’all.

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My First Auto Baseball Card

I’m not a huge baseball collector. Don’t get me wrong, I love baseball and I miss the Expos like crazy but still, I don’t really own any significant baseball cards other then some from the 90’s.

So it’s kind of a big deal for me to grab a Baseball Auto since I want to integrate them in my ongoing collection. So nothing major but it’s an Exquisite Dual Auto, so it’s not too shabby either.

Sad part is thta it’s too relatively unknown players but if you look really quick, you almost believe that you have a Ryan Braun (The good one) rookie auto. But evantually you look close enough and, well, you realize it ain’t the good Braun.

I grabbed this in a trade so even if the cards just vanish somewhere in my boxes, it’s cool to have a first. I’ll always remember my first.

Oh yes, I’ll always remember my first.

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2007 NBA Bowman Sterling Break

2010/03/11 2 comments

Well, you know how it goes. I was wasting some time on Ebay and stumble upon one pack of Bowman Sterling 2007 for less than 15$. I usually don’t like buying boxes or packs on Ebay but it was cheap and they look so sweet and shiny (ok, not really but I was looking for excuses to buy some).

So basically the pack/box contains 5 cards and you usually get 1 Auto per pack. That’s fair ratio and the gamble was cheap so, without further ado… THE BREAK!

45. Walter Hermann RC
48. Leon Powe RC

Both players are not even playing for these teams anymore but hey, that’s what happens with role players.

51. Saer Sene

I don’t even know where this guy plays at the moment. D-League? Europe? Pick-Up game in jail? Beats me but it’s in a Sonics uniform so it ain’t that bad.

26. Pistol Pete Maravich

Sweet Pete Jersey, I can’t really complain here. And look at his head, this card is just plain weird looking.

78. Shannon Brown 028/199

It could have been way worst than Brown for the Auto. Far from a star, the guy plays for the Lakers and gets good spotlight. Always sweet to pull a rookie auto.

I’d say that for that price, I’d buy again in a heartbeat. You should try it, it’s a fun little break.

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